Inside my member section, you'll find hundreds of videos of me and my friends.
BrunoB Length 13:41 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 62
Hey guys! This scene with my friend BrunoB shows I do the best blowjobs in town! I was invited to demonstrate for an internet promoter, so you guys can see it too on my site. Don't worry, I'll never forget my dear members! I had you in mind for the whole scene. Bruno also gave all that he had, if you see what I mean ;)
Mike ''the lucky member'' Length 24:56 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 44
My friend Mike and I spent the day lounging around his house. I refreshed myself outside, getting off with the water hose. Mike had the delicate attention of shaving my pussy and double checking his job with his tongue. That's the way to pamper a woman!
Tony Length 20:14 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 37
I just wanted to get out of the house today. I went at Tony's place to shoot a scene. He's a real guy! I had to assemble all the material by myself - and give him a blowjob! Lucky for him, his cum tasted sooo good! If it was only his gentleman skills, he'd be finishing himself of in the bathroom ;) Nah... Thanks Tony!
Sandy Summers Length 24:56 Starring: Christine Young, Sandy Summer Pictures: 45
Sandy Summer, the black-haired cutie came over to light up the scene. She is just so my kind of girl! We gave our pussies plenty of attention : licking them all over to a nice, wet shine. We worked up our appetites like this to the big dessert : my favorite didldo! Hurray! Let's just say I'm starting to get the hang of it ;)
Christine Young Length 32:49 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 68
I present you my trip I did to Paris this summer. It was so great that I had to share that with you.I didn't stay that long but I had time to bring back a few shots of the Eiffel Tour and of the Triumph Arch.I even played with myself in my hotel room with my dildos that I,of course,didn't forget.I also did numerous "flash" in Paris,your job to count how many I did : )
Simon Length 24:48 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 42
I received an amazing quantity of emails about my feet... So I to finaly invite a foot fetichist. I just love to try new things and this experience really did turn me on. I'd like to thank you for the suggestion and remind you that I'm always open to what you have to say ;)
Eric & Shelby Bell Length 34:51 Starring: Christine Young, Shelby Bell Pictures: 52
Shelby Bell visited me this week, an accomplished pornstar... and quite a fuck! Eric joined us to make this scene a great threesome. I'm not ready to forget this : we must've tried every position in the book! Shelby can come back any time she wants : I need this kind of action every day!
Marc Length 24:58 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 47
Hey, Congrats Marc, my lucky member! Thanks to all the e-mails and naughty pics you sent, we had a great time out together... Persistence pays! We went on Mount Royal to get dirty together. Everytime we tried to get it on, someone disturbed us... I brought Marc back home where I gave him an extra nice blowjob, Christine-style ;) I had lots of fun and would like to thank Marc for the great tiem we had!
Sarah Moon Length 27:08 Starring: Christine Young, Sarah Moon Pictures: 63
I met Sarah at the restaurant, she's a friend of a friend of friend... We really felt close to one another, I guess the two bottles of red wine helped a little bit... I invited her home for a nightcap, but I was hoping more like a clitcap... I went into the shower and when I was back, the sneaky Sarah was playing around with my camera and tapes. I got naked and tried to lay down the rules on her, but she blinfolded me and dildoed me like hell! Sarah is one intense Lesbian!
Daphnée & Alex Length 20:54 Starring: Christine Young, Ruby Pictures: 5
This week I received a couple, Daphnée and Alex, two friends of Sonya and Ben. Daphnée and Alex were browsing on my site whe they noticed their friends online... They got pretty horny and wanted to come on my site to. Daphnée has cute little boobs and Alex a nice big dick. After having tasted both, I still wonder wich tasted better... I'm anxious to have some more visit, I wonder if they have a lot of friends?

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