Inside my member section, you�ll find hundreds of videos of me and my friends.
Malicia Length 18:24 Starring: Christine Young, Malezia Pictures: 31
Here's Malicia, a lovely girl with who I had a lot of fun in my room. A friend of mine introduced me to her and since then, I had a big crush on her and I wanted her in my bed. Now... been there, done that! next ;)
Lollypop Length 21:05 Starring: Christine Young, Lollypop Pictures: 45
I met a new friend last week, nammed Lollypop. I'd say she's a really sweet girl : she even shared her candy with me. She stroked my pussy with her cherry-flavored lollypop while licking the juice... yum! And she has the freshest dildo ever, a huge gold thing! Come on, watch the scene, you'll see how sugar-rushed we where from all the candy ;)
Sarah Moon & Shannon Length 35:31 Starring: Christine Young, Sarah Moon, Alyssa Pictures: 78
My friends are so cute! They preparde a surprise birthday party for me...And I tought it would be just a routine lesbo threesome... Shannon and Sarah Moon brought me a cake and a naughty gift : furry handcuffs! Lets just say my pussy was sweet that day! And I couldn't defend myself agaisnt their tongues...
Anna Nikova Length 23:28 Starring: Christine Young, Anna Nikova Pictures: 40
I invited my friend Anna Nikova to test my new fucking machine. I heard a lot about it and was looking forward to try it. But being cautious I needed a guinea pig, big boobs prefered ;) The machine worked great, it even made me squirt ;) I sure hope it's water-proofed!
Christine Young Length 09:18 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 42
Last time I went to Paris, I did a photoshoot for VirtuaGirl. I had to dance all day long in different outfits in front of a blue screen and I had a lot of fun. I hope you'll love the way I move. ;)
Christine Young Length 19:50 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 51
This week I decided to realize one of your collective fantasm by doing a striptease. I received a lot of messages concerning that lately, so I decided to show my striptease skills. I hope I don't look too silly dancing without music... ;)
Yanni Length 33:33 Starring: Christine Young, Yanni Pictures: 58
This week I was feeling a little bit sad, since Valentine's day is approaching quickly and I'm not in couple. I decided to give myself a threat and to invite the most horny girl I could find. To my plesure I found Yanni, a very good looking asian girl with a great butt and nice breasts. It was so nice that I'm not even sad to not have a boyfriend this year... even better, I had Yanni.
Francis ''the lucky member'' Length 19:37 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 33
After having received a lot of emails from Francis, I decided to invite him. He is a member of my site for the last 6 months and it was his fantasm to come on my site, but I think it didn't went as well as he wanted it to be. A lot of people think that they could become pornstars without any problems, but with the cameras, it's a totally different experience. That's why I gave you a little extra at the end of the scene, just for you. By the way Francis, my invitation still stand. ;)
Angelina, Steven & Me Length 30:49 Starring: Christine Young, Angelina Pictures: 65
This week I receive the very pretty Angelina and his friend Steven. Angelina is an actress here in Montreal and it was the first time in front of a camera for Steven. Me and Angelina did the best we could to make this first time and unforgettable time.
Christmas special with Chrsitine Length 22:55 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 38
Merry Christmas everybody, today i'm cooking an apple pie for all my members. But don't worry, it's not a cooking lesson... you know me ;)

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