Inside my member section, you'll find hundreds of videos of me and my friends.
Christine Young in Amsterdam Length 25:45 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 64
Here's my trip to Amsterdam, I loved it and I'm pretty sure you'll also love it since I was... how can I say... horny. All trip long I wanted to fuck so I decided to take care of it alone and I gave myself some pleasure in front of my camera just for you guys... and of course for you too girls ;)
Christine Young in Amsterdam Length 19:08 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 56
Here's my last trip to Amsterdam and "trip" is the right word. I went during Queens Day, a big party downtown with at least 2 millions peoples drinking and smoking in the streets. I participated to this big party, I even took advantage of what this great city has to offer if you know what I mean. The party ended in my bathtub, guess what happened? ;)
Shelby Bell & Vanessa Gold & Sarah Moon Length 35:41 Starring: Christine Young, Shelby Bell, Sarah Moon, Vanessa Gold Pictures: 45
My friends and I just invented a new way to play ping pong... It's strip ping pong, where everytime our team mate looses a point, we peel off a layer. We ended up naked in less time then needed to say "point, set and match"! This pinp pong tournament turned in one heck of a lesbo foursome! I hope you'll enjoy the level of play!
Amylee & Candy & me Length 35:40 Starring: Christine Young, Sweet Amylee, Candy Pictures: 65
I went shopping with some friends on Plaza St-Hubert. We had lots of fun fooling around,trying on clothes in front of the camera. After, we had a slumber party, except we were not sleepy one bit! It was Amylee's birthday, so we ated her just right... Turned out we had a strap-on party instead!
Christine Young Length 08:10 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 15
I just bought a new dildo and I was pretty eager to try it.
Justin ''the lucky member'' Length 18:48 Starring: Christine Young Pictures: 35
Here's a little special for you. I invited one of my site members in order to properly thank him of his fidelity. Justin just kept on sending me e-mails week after week, saying he wanted to be on my site. His e-mails made me so horny I gave him a good blowjob in front of the camera! So, who'll come in my mouth next? Members only :)
Judy & the Fireman Length 35:07 Starring: Christine Young, Judy Star Pictures: 56
Oh yeah, Judy Starr was in my room! I watched a lot of her movies and having her lick my pussy just lighted my fire! We were lucky Fireman was around too. He is such a hunk! He made me squirt like a pro! And to make sure everything was safe, he doused us both with a generous cumshot... He takes his job at heart ;)
Tina Holly & Vanessa Gold Length 32:43 Starring: Christine Young, Tina Holly, Vanessa Gold Pictures: 72
Me and my friends Tina & Vanessa went to the ''�le Ste-H�l�ne'' to take a little bit of fresh air. We fond a quiet place in the woods and we had the type of fun we are so good at. ;) We ended up in my warm and cozy room with my dildos. Here's comes a scene with some nice young lesbians.
Kream Length 34:27 Starring: Kream, Christine Young Pictures: 55
Well it was about time I received my friend Kream for the first time. She's quite a girl and she fucked me crazy, I loved it! She'll have her own site soon, RealSquirt.com. If you never saw a girl squirt, it's the place to see it!
Christine Young & Kimberly Franklin Length 30:02 Starring: Christine Young, Kimberly Franklin Pictures: 50
This week i'm receiving a girl I've been searching for during the last couple of months, Kimberly Franklin. I saw her in a couple of movies and I wanted to fuck her so bad that I had to invite her on my site. I was looking so much forward to our meeting that I even got some new stuff to put in my kinky arsenal :) So here's the result of our encounter, I hope you'll love it as much as I did.

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